Can we someday create the quantum computer, what has the size of the laptop?

Can we someday create the quantum computer, what has the size of the laptop? 

Can we ever create a quantum version of a laptop computer? When we are looking at the history of computers, we are facing the thing, that impossible turns very easily reality in this world. When the first electronic computer ENIAC created in 1945, the size of that machine was the warehouse.

In the 1980s the computer, which had gigabit memory required the warehouse, and today we will have mobile telephones or pocket computers, which has more memory capacity than the supercomputer of the 1980s. So when we are thinking about quantum computers, the first versions of those systems would be the size of the house or the entire city.

But those systems can operate remotely by using every kind of computer, what has the VPN-or some other secure connection to that server. And the technology would get always smaller. In this case, I presume that the advantage of a quantum computer would follow the timeline, what has been happening to all other computers.

The size of those machines would get smaller, and that thing makes them very potential. So if the advantage of a quantum computer is similar to other computers, it would take about 50 years from the first everyday operating quantum computer to the first “quantum laptop”, what is sold in the supermarkets.

This means that the advantage of that kind of system would be very fast because their effectiveness is well known. And that causes the investments to that kind of technology will be huge.

So the thing is that maybe we have someday the mobile telephone-sized quantum computers, which would allow us to make things, what we ever thought that we could do. That kind of system can be used to fixing the brain damages or increase the capacity of the brains. And I think that someday, we would use the quantum computer as the everyday tool for many things.

So the threat of the quantum computer is that it can break every code in the world. Traditional computers cannot create an algorithm, what the quantum computer cannot break. But in the same way, the quantum computer can also make algorithms, what is acting the same way with the traditional algorithms with traditional computers, and here we must say, that everything is relative.

If we would think about the advantage of the cryptographic algorithms we can think that if we have created the algorithm by using ENIAC, that kind of algorithm is easy to break by using modern binary computers. The same way the algorithm, what is made by every traditional or binary computers can break by using quantum computers.

But let’s think about the opposite way. The algorithms that are created by using the quantum computer are impossible to break by using traditional or binary computers. And the algorithm, which is made by using modern computers are impossible to break by using ENIAC. So if we would think like this the algorithm, that is created by the quantum computers is the same way hard to break by using a quantum computer like modern algorithms, what is created by using the most powerful computers are hard to break with other binary computers.


Published by Kimmo Huosionmaa

Alumni of the University of Helsinki, and Bachelor of Business Administration (B.Sc., BBA) and currently alumni at University of Helsinki, I'm interesting about the social and open media influence for society and relationships between persons in levels of personal relationship, and the networks of persons, what creating the societies and connects people all over the world. The computers and Internet are the ultimate tools for many things, like marketing own skills and experience and today we are living in the world, where everything is faster than ever before. This thing can cause also problems, because if we are publishing something, what we don't want that thing might be copied, and resend to millions of users. And that means we must be careful on the net. The people are until now start to understand the resources of the Internet. So it makes it a very interesting target for research and developing. The teams, what are working on the different sides of the Earth can also use the net as the platform in their work. They must not even travel anywhere, because they can communicate and share things while sitting in their own living room, and this makes the internet a very complicated and effective tool for studies and another kind of things.

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